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Badger lets users view unread notifications by tapping the app icon badge

ilable right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $ 0.99. Do me a favor and let me know what you think about this highly anticipated tweak in the comments section below. iDevice lovers Incoming search terms: yhs-fh_lsonsw, ios7 cydia tweaks, cydia tweaks ios7, best repo for ios7 tweaks iphone 5 april 15 2014, jailbreak tweak spotify skips, cydia tweak that hacks internet games that have a server check, bypass tweak, most expensive cydia tweak,… Continue reading

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Tips And Tricks For Cydia

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device then Cydia, the unofficial App Store for jailbreak apps and tweaks, is probably one of the your most frequently used apps. While you may have used Cydia to purchase, install and update jailbreak apps, it also offers functionality that may not have explored. So here are some useful tips and tricks for Cydia that takes advantage of those features: Manage Account: If you’re someone like me… Continue reading

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Axis could be the iPhone’s best Lock screen launcher

There’s no shortage of new Lock screen launchers as of late. You have Atom, Grabby,JellyLock, and a plethora of others. But there’s a newcomer on the block that’s trying to stake claim as the king of Cydia’s Lock screen launchers — it’s called Axis. Axis is a jailbreak tweak designed by Sentry, and coded by an enigmatic, but an obviously talented young man by the name of rud0lf77. We’ve had our share of run ins with Mr. rud0lf77 i… Continue reading

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Abstergo: the perfect tweak for managing notifications

It’s been a very long time in the making, but the release of Abstergo is almost upon us. Abstergo, as you may remember, has been talked about and worked on for over a year. It is the concept and creation of Andrew Richardson and Joshua Tucker, and it promises to make managing your notifications better on iOS. Needless to say, lots and lots of time has been invested into nearly every aspect of the tweak. Tucker, in a candid discussion with him… Continue reading

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Raise Your iPhone To Speak To The Person You’re Texting With This Tweak

You probably know about Siri’s Raise To Speak feature, which allows you to talk to Siri by bringing iPhone to your ear when the screen is on. The feature makes use of iPhone’s proximity sensor. A new jailbreak tweak called RaiseToCall makes use of that functionality in an ingenious way. As the name suggests, the jailbreak tweak allows you to automatically call the person you’re texting wi… Continue reading

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Jailbreak tweak lets you customize Notification badges

Jailbreaking your device allows you to customize almost any aspect of the iOS. A new jailbreak tweak called Badge Customizer now lets you to change the look and feel of notification badges on app icons. So if you’re bored of the red badges on the app icons, you can use the tweak to change the color, size and position of the badge. Under the color options, you can change the color in RGB, change the value of Badge Alpha tha… Continue reading

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Mail Enhancer Pro 2.0 For iOS 6 Released [Jailbreak Tweak]

Mail Enhancer Pro, a popular jailbreak tweak, which as the name suggests add lots of new features to enhance the Mail app has finally been updated to support iOS 6 or later. Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 6 adds the following features: Multiple Signatures (even HTML capable) for each Mail Account HTML Usage for Mail Composing Rules for incoming emails: Mark read / flagged, notification, move to mailbox, delete Custom notifications (Vibrate x-tim… Continue reading

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LiveWire Adds Cool Unlocking Animation [Jailbreak Tweak]

we’ll see a pro (paid) version of this tweak with lot more animations in the future. Let me know what you think of the tweak in the comments below. ➤ Download link Apple News Incoming search terms: lock animation tweak ios7Continue reading

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Luna is an upcoming tweak that lends greater control over Do Not Disturb

Looking for a way to maximize the iPhone’s built-in Do Not Disturb functionality? You may choose to look in Cydia for some of the already existing tweaks, or you may decide to hold out for this upcoming collaboration between Ryan Petrich and Sentry. Yes, Petrich needs no introduction, he’s a prolific developer that’s created some amazing things for jailbroken devices. Sentry, too, is very well-known for his design concepts and met… Continue reading

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Cydia Tweak Message Box 1.0-10

r your messages. Download Message Box 1.0-10 available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for free and supports iOS 6.1.2 iDevice lovers Incoming search terms: movie box for surface, cydia movie box v 2 6, message box for ios7, movie box 2 6 problem, movie box fix 2 6… Continue reading

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